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A Brand for Creative Minds

Creativity is a bit like a toy. If you grow up too fast and let it go, it can be lost. Once lost, you would not even know what you had missed. So, why do we let it go? Some might argue that an adult does not belong to the playground, that creativity is something you shed over time. But it is sad to see all the talents out there go wasted along with the joy it could bring.What if the kid grew up keeping his toy? Wouldn't that be more fun? He can be creative in countless ways without academic degrees or a tremendous amount of skills. It's all about finding the things we like and spice them up a bit!

Our focus is to promote creativity and offer inspiration to those who seek them. You may be an artist or a designer, perhaps a musician or a chef. In the end we all share one thing. It is the desire to create, the desire to transform ideas into reality.

For us, the fertile creative environment is an indispensable condition. Just like plants, inspiration need the rich soil to grown on. And if we give our attention and care, they grow to bear the real fruit of creation.

This brand is our fruit. So, to share it with you, here we present Reikan Apparel.

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Welcome to our shop!

Each item was designed and produced with meticulous attention and care in order to offer you something fun, refreshing and hopefully inspiring.

You can discover our latest collection as well as previous ones. Clothes aren’t the only medium of our expression. We also create posters, sculptures, stickers, patches and many other products. Yet the importance we focus on remains the same: It's not what we put on the shelf, but rather creating a special bond between the items on the shelf and you.

We hope that you will have as much good time navigating through this shop as we had creating these products.


Reikan Apparel Portfolio

Here you can find all the projects we have worked on.

We always document all the steps throughout creation so that you can learn a thing or two and evolve together as we progress on our creative journey. You will also find Artist Feature Photo Shoot / Interview, where you get to meet the talents from various trades and have a glimpse of their life.

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